riverbabble 24
Winter Solstice issue

Call for Submissions

Submissions open: September 15, 2013
Submission close: December 20, 2013
Publication Date: January, 2014
Theme: Currency: that which is valued

General Overview of riverbabble

riverbabble was founded as an on-line literary journal in the Winter of 2002 to publish fiction, poetry and essay. It is published by Pandemonium Press, which is dedicated to publishing and editing literary works. riverbabble is published twice a year—once in June, the Bloomsbury Issue and once in January, the Winter Solstice Issue. We particularly look forward to reading work, which can be described as modernist: a story or poem, which focuses on the inner self and has a specificity as to geography, especially, to the landscape of the city. We look forward to reading work, which elevates the individual. While special attention is given to literature that reflects a modernist sensibility, riverbabble is broad in scope and embraces a variety of work.

We accept Poetry, Short Story, Flash Fiction, Hiakue, Hiabun, Essay, and Review.

Send submissions to any of these email addresses:


We welcome your submission to riverbabble.

General Guidelines

1. We accept short stories (up to 2500 words), poetry (up to 30 lines), and criticism and review (up to 1000 words).

2. Poetry: submissions limited to 30 lines, 3 poems. We consider all forms, but are most interested in Free Verse, Lyrical, Metaphysical, and Narrative.

3. Fiction: submissions are limited to 2500 words, 2 stories.

4. Essay: submissions are limited to 1000 words. We are interested in all topics: individual writers, literary criticism, form, etc. Please do not confuse essay with review.

5. Featured Writer: Starting with issue 11, riverbabble has instituted a section of the journal for a Featured Writer. This includes a selection of the writer’s work, an interview, and biographical information.

6. E-mail: E-mail submissions are encouraged. When sending an e-mail, put riverbabble, your name, and the issue number on the subject line (example: riverbabble, John Doe, #20).

7. We accept simultaneous submissions, however, if your work is accepted by another publication, please notify us immediately.

Send your e-mail to: riverbabble@gmail.com. In the body of your e-mail, place your name, address, e-mail, and the title of your story at the top followed by your work. Use rich text. Be sure to use a standard font, such as Times Roman.

7. Do not send non-fiction or photo-essay submissions. Do not send stories in HTML text. We will discard them.

8. Notification: Writers receive notification of acceptance/rejection via an email form letter. Because of the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot provide personal responses or critiques for rejected work.

9. We do not return submissions.

10. Payment: riverbabble cannot offer payment for accepted submissions to the magazine. We do have a publication party and reading after each issue. Writers are urged to attend and read their work.

11. Rights: First rights and permission to archive. Authors retain the copyright to their material. If an essay, poem, or fiction piece (originally published in riverbabble) is reprinted in another publication, the author receives 100 percent of any fee.

12. Any comments on this site, including reports on typos and broken links, as well as suggestions for improvement, will be gladly received at riverbabble@gmail.com.

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