April On Jupiter

B.L.P. Simmons

April showers diamonds on Jupiter:  
but here, three birds outrival, 
their tangled singing filling space between leaves.   
Knots of thought unravel 
too fast to capture, 
but why grasp, anyway? 
Substance flees away from itself 
to collide, in company, for a moment 
in a confluence and dissolution of energy.   
Jupiter is no farther than a thought, 
as are gods and history.   
A life becomes memory, for a moment, 
a memory, ever so lightly touched.   

B.L.P. Simmons was born in St. Lucia, W.I., lived in California, retires in Central America. She writes in English, Spanish, translates Spanish to English. Her work appeared Bay Area Poets Coalition14, American Poetry Journal(nominated for Pushcart Prize), Poui: Cave Hill Literary Annual(University of West Indies, Barbados), Sand Hill Review, riverbabble 13, 23, 26, 33; Cuts from the Barbershop anthology of Bay Area poets, The Call: An Anthology of Women’s Writing 2009. Featured at N. California poetry gatherings (including in Spanish), and in Costa Rica. 2 chapbooks: My Body Forgot Snow, En Otro Idioma, Selected Poems on CD, Mango Musings blog.

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