The water clock

Kathleen Listman

Dip a glass in a pond,
and peer through the foggy
semi-transparent water.
It is only an illusion.
The pond is the face of a clock.
Silvery at sunrise,
Turquoise green at high noon.
Deeper blue with each hour.
Fading to a pearly shade
of bluish rose at sunset.
Turning steely mauve,
and then tarnished silver
as the sun slips out of sight.
Ducks see the shades change;
they turn arranging themselves
in one direction.
With the drumming of wings
they  take off, arising
from the dark pewter pond
announcing the day is done.

Kathleen Listman is an instructional designer who creates technical training for Scientific Applications International Corporation. She has always been involved with creative writing—especially short fiction and poetry. Her short stories and dramas have won first place in contests sponsored by the cities of Bedford and Garland, Texas. In 2017 she received the Oklahoma City Writers, Inc. Creme de la Creme award for her poem On Leaving the Freeway. Her play Lesson in Assertiveness was recently produced as part of the Stillwater Annual Short Play Festival. Learn more at

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