The Ship

Daniela Kantorová

Dear God, please turn the ship
that floats in the rain above Foothill Blvd
It lands in an apple orchard
My back merges with the land

Dear God the land has got my back
The apple trees are blooming
It snows in the foothills
Apple blossoms fall on my grave

Dear God, my heart overflows with rain
It snows apple blossoms in the desert
The ship is climbing Mount Qaf
I am drowning

Dear God please help me catch my plane
on top of the mountain
A mystic stays dry in the sea
The sea is full of roses

Dear God it's raining rose petals at home
My car is bleeding on a dusty road
The ship sails along the meridian
Rain yearns for the sea

Daniela Kantorová, is Czech Bahá' clinical psychologist and community organizer living in Oakland, California. She is clinical faculty at the Wright Institute, president-elect of Psychologists for Social Responsibility for 2020, and co-chair of the first responders committee of Anti Police-Terror Project. She specializes in work with survivors of trauma caused by interpersonal and state violence. Her writing and photography on topics of US police terror, mass incarceration and community responses has been featured in Czech publications Nový prostor, A2larm, Romea and Romano vodi. She has been writing poetry since her childhood, finding inspiration in mysticism, nature, punk and movements for liberation.

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