taco trucks

Mark A. Fisher

brightly lit
neon chorizo dreams
on each and every Fresno corner
sharing spots with agua frescas stands
feeding Sikhs in turbans
of every color
defines California
in a way Wikipedia will never know
with salsa and avocado

Mark A. Fisher is a writer, poet, and playwright living in Tehachapi, CA. His poetry has appeared in: Angel City Review, A Sharp Piece of Awesome, Altadena Poetry Review, Penumbra, Turnip Truck(s), and many other places. His first chapbook, drifter, is available from Amazon. His second, hour of lead, won the 2017 San Gabriel Valley Poetry Chapbook Contest. His plays have appeared on California stages in Pine Mountain Club, Tehachapi, Bakersfield, and Hayward. His column Lost in the Stars has appeared in Tehachapi's The Loop newspaper for several years. He has also won cooking ribbons at the Kern County Fair.

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