A Better Place

Wayne F. Burke

No corpse
just a box
with her ashes
in it
and her picture on the wall;
she went up in flames
to wherever--
a dark-eyed over-sized priest
who looks as if he stepped from
"The Godfather" movie
says that she is in Heaven
with Christ;
my older brother gives a eulogy
that makes people laugh and weep;
there is nothing else for anyone
to say
except for the priest
who insists that she is in
a better place,
to which
no one disagrees:
we put our coats on
and shuffle out the door
for the eats
at a restaurant which
none of us has been to
since the last funeral.

Wayne F. Burke has published six full-length poetry collections. 5 with Bareback Press and 1 with Alien Buddha Press. Most recently, DIFLUCAN (2019). He lives in the central Vermont area. 

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