Merry Xmas - 2018 - El Paso, TX

Jeannette DesBoine


Thirty-five degrees is today’s expected high. Right now, at 8:30 a.m. it is 29 degrees with light snow. Just what I need; snow to add to my confusion as I.C.E. hauls hundreds of destitute asylum-seeking prisoners downtown and dumps them at the Greyhound Bus station with no money, no tickets, no food, no coats, and no destination.

The powers that be stare glassy eyed at the snow flaked skies, turn up their space heaters and sit down to gourmet meals. The emperor wipes his weak chin with somebody else’s hand.

Brave men and women find survival in their own determination. They find strength in common cause. They find power in persistence. The gods of their tomorrows shall plant their feet on solid ground. Ashay! Namaste! Pray!

I put on my Christmas socks. The ones with the elf, the candy canes, and the gift wrapped packages. They are not warm socks but they are better than bare feet. Kind of like democracy, which isn’t really functional, but the memory of its possible warmth keeps some of the cold at bay.


With today’s new (but shaky) legislation, ex-offenders make plans to register to vote. Martha Stewart tells her radio audience how to make good Xmas party punch. The world is in its usual uproar. Merry Christmas from Heaven.

        ICE: Immigration and Customs Enforcement

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