Savannah Inn

Diana Raab

Inside a throat of an elder’s snores
woke me at this centennial house,
on that city corner composed of creaking stairwells
and walls of ghost-ridden dreams, as
I can only guess of a life here
when gas lamps framed horse-drawn carriages and ladies
of long petticoat dresses.
What remains are remnants of haunted cemeteries,
nestled in a student enclave,
a wave to a freshly-brewed java gently placed
upon antique bureaus smitten with scattered watermarks,
guarding secret stories in this mansion of living rooms
and unmatched furniture, littered in a film of dust
before traveling businessmen
who’ve lost their sense of home,
in search of an American dream.


Diana Raab , MFA, PhD, is a poet, memoirist, blogger, speaker, and award-winning author of nine books, and over 1000 articles and poems. She frequently speaks on writing or healing and transformation.
She blogs for Psychology Today, PsychCentral, Wisdom Daily, and Thrive Global.She’s editor of two anthologies: Writers and Their Notebooks and Writers on the Edge and two memoirs, and four poetry collections, including her most recent,Lust. Her latest books are Writing for Bliss: A Seven-Step Program for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life, and Writing for Bliss: A Companion Journal. Visit her at:

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