For I was drunk on the steady flood of talent

d. n. simmers

      After Dennis Lee

Each decade bakes
their turnovers
and chocolate cakes.

And explosions
take away the young.

While we wait, like two drunks
talking of life,
and the things we could have done,
the sundial slants in the new direction.

While the heat takes away the pains
that winter brings.

While spring gives out her blossoms
for the hopeful.

The size of the land,
the seeds that are thrust into the soil,
the water that comes down,
and the tilling,
give the lusty green or withered
husks of tomorrow.

The bus stops. We all get on.

Some leave it too soon
while others take it
to the end of the loop,
and walk off slowly,
into a gentle and
late warm night.


d.n. simmers is an on line special editor with Fine Lines. He has been in the Common Ground Review, Poetry Salzburg Review and the international anthology Van Gogh's Ear, Paris , France. He is on line in One Person's Trash and Your One Phone Call ( UK). He is in seven current anthologies and is  working on his seventh chapbook and second book of poems.

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