Sunayna Pal

My husband said a word – biswasjogyo
in a sentence of pure and musical Bangla
which I am still trying to learn.
Instead of asking him the meaning,
I searched - the colorful search engine
conveniently, the homepage of my phone
which also, thankfully, helps me answer
the multifarious questions
that spring in my toddler’s mind,
sometimes making me question
my education - on some of those days
and also of the authenticity in the articles
which I so trustfully read and try to follow.
Ironically, also the meaning of Biswasjogyo -
what is worthy of our blind trust?


Sunayna Pal, Born and raised in Mumbai, India, moved to the US after her marriage. A double Post-graduate from XLRI and Annamalai University, she worked in the corporate world for five odd years before opting out to embark on her heart's pursuits - decided to raise funds for NGOs by selling quilled art and became a certified handwriting analyst. 

Now, a new mother, she devotes all her free time to writing and Heartfulness. Her name has recently appeared in "The Hindu," "Subterranean Blue Poetry," "Poetry nation" along with dozens of her articles and poems have been published and she is a proud contributor of many international anthologies - one is about to break the Guinness world of records. Know more on

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