Drinking Pickle Juice

KJ Hannah Greenberg

Old-timers are apt to search, through life,
For outlets clear of traditional conscription.
Trice, theyíll compare computers with cars,
Chiefly when their adult children homebodies
Sneak the granola that was left in the kitchen.

Such moments cause grey heads to shake
Away disbelief as one more acquiescence
Toward corporate hotshotsí conspiracies.
Afterwards, those grandmas and pas likely
Drink pickle juice instead of glugging down
Moot, or otherwise dumb, clerical lessons.

Consider that a known deterrent to earlier
Distributions of sins continues to masquerade
As the beneficence of cleaning spaceship panes
Before hitting the gas pedal, fastening latches
Prior to going into overdrive, waiting to lurch
Into interstellar mode until lunch gets digested.

When bribing dock foreman to lift anchor,
Itís sagacious to upgraded kin relationships.
The cosmos is no place for expressing dated
Wonkiness. More so, scrolling or purchasing
Ideas brings both the need to detail childhoods,
And the desire to pass around oldster wisdoms.

Sentimentís incomparable character, itís known,
Proffers associationís role in knitting rapport.
Contrary to the thoughts of many grownups,
There were no corpses among connected persons,
Just empty spots where heart-felt sentiments
Once seized center stage in assembling love.


KJ Hannah Greenberg delights in words. Her most recent poetry collection is Mothers Ought to Utter Only Niceties (Unbound CONTENT, 2017). Her most recent fiction collection is the omnibus, Concatenation (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2018).

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