The Shadow

Wayne Burke

where the shadow ends
on the road
a crow flies up
black, gray, and white
as I make the bend
and two deer
mother and fawn
soft green and brown coats
dash into the woods--
if I had hit them
how bad
would I have felt?
I remember the chickadee
I killed
with a borrowed pellet gun
in the woods
I was young
a swarm of birds flew round
and round a tree trunk
in the green and yellow sun-splotched leaves
I shot into them
and one fell
at my feet
the other chickadee's stopped chirping
and disappeared
and oh
how sorry
I felt for the birds
whose fun I ruined,
and for the dead one,
and for me


Wayne F. Burke's poetry has appeared in a wide variety of publications. His latest published collection of poetry is A Lark Up the Nose of Time, published by Bareback Press, Ontario, Canada. His chapbook, Poems From the Planet Crouton is due out 10-17 by Epic Rites Press. He lives in the central Vermont area.

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