While Walking at Lynch Canyon

Suzanne Bruce

my mind blistered by computers, traffic, blinded
by programmed routines, resisting until my feet forged
rocky paths, copper and marigold rays awakened

morning gray, the sky began to blush, then slowly
all colors harmonized into brightness, the wind,
recycling through, grasslands curved and returned

like wings of a graceful bird. Trails dusted by tales,
Patwin Suisune’s energy once touched this land,
eyes saw more than its beauty, flesh gone,

but bones fertilize, unseen lives drawn
to the sky, even the wind can’t blow them away.
Red-tailed hawks circled, guarding sacred spirits,

open spaces, synchronized pride and peace,
dark-tan cows sauntered around, mirrored curiosity,
having no more energy, a gray wooden fence

bowed to time, empty picnic tables waiting
for appreciative audiences, for applause,
a distinctive cottonwood stood alone.

Patchwork of browns and greens threaded
with strings of lemon-yellow mustard, shuddered
in gusts, eager for the opus of June’s sun,

buckeyes, strong like pillars, moss clinging
to their bark, slight aroma of yarrow underneath,
my thoughts began to relax in the sites and light.

Arriving at a reed-lined reservoir, mallards,
red-winged blackbirds serenaded me, I paused…
…mesmerized, until a cool shake, goose bumps,

voices of the past spoke through the views,
undulating hills, thin ripples on gentle water,
joy tucked in quiet places, collectively whispering.


Suzanne Bruce, a former teacher, holds a B.S. in Education from the University of Tulsa, did graduate work at Wichita State University, and now lives in Fairfield, California. She writes poetry singly as well as does ekphrastic work with local artist Janet Manalo. Their book, Voices Beyond the Canvas (2007), has been featured at several Bay Area exhibitions. Their latest book, Her Voices Her Visions (2015) was released in November. A member of the Ina Coolbrith Circle and the Solano County Library Foundation, she is also active with the Solstice Creative Writers, St. Helena. Her work has won several poetry prizes and has been published in By Line Magazine, Phat’titude Journal, Suisun Valley Review, Snail Mail Review, MungBeing, Jessamyn West Anthology, the Ina Coolbrith Gatherings, riverbabble, Poeming Pigeon and Copperfield Reivew. Her inspiration often comes from walking on the beach as well as in her regular yoga practice. www.ekphrasticexpressions.com

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