Jade Horizon

Dee Allen.

          Inspired by an Oakland mural by Ernest Doty

Not quite a home-stead,
Not quite a morning vigil site,
But itís there, perched on
Another East Bay
Oak tree branch.
Little rainbow
With a beak
And sharp
Taloned feet.
Dressed in brown, yellow, grey
Mismatched colours
Borrowed from the spectrum
On its feathers,
Stripes of ivory
Tip its long tail.
Small bird face veers left,
Distant western stare,
Attention averted from
The eastern sun rising slowly
Over Oakland Hills.
Gradual change from night to day.
Thick wisps of white float over the vibrant
Jade horizon
Nearby trees as cool post-dawn fog-----

The painted lumber fence
Facing MacArthur Boulevard traffic
Shows this idyllic scene,
Transmits a message on natureís purity
Without the need for language.


Dee Allen. is an African-Italian performance poet currently based in Oakland, California. Active on the creative writing & Spoken Word tips since the early 1990s. Author of 3 books [ Boneyard, Unwritten Law and Stormwater, all from POOR Press ] and 14 anthology appearances [ among them Poets 11: 2014, Feather Floating On The Water, Rise and the newest from San Francisco's Manic D Press, Your Golden Sun Still Shines ] under his figurative belt so far.

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