Living on the Rim

Scot Walker

          Albelardo, a tiny but muy macho flea who lived on the rim of the Grand Telescope in the Canary Islands, had just one requirement: he must devour the mites that hopped upon the world’s largest mirror. And since his was a secret mission, he was allowed no contact with the outside and since mating season had passed, he was happy being alone . . . until that sunny morning after munching his last bunch of mites, when he saw this message flash from the other side of the mirror: Etuni My Reveuoye Volliwi.

          What could cause words to appear? What being writes such words? he wondered and yet, day after day, week after week, the same words appeared until finally Albelardo sent the same words back across the mirror to whomever or whatever was out there.

          It only took a second for Zenaida, a female flea, on the other side, to read her very own words: I will love you every minute! And she smiled and hopped up and down realizing she was no longer alone.  

Scot Walker has been writing poetry and stories for over half a century. His published works include: These Forty Years Have Flown So Fast, Poetry by Scot Walker and Winston Churchill’s American Cousin and Other Tales—both are available at Amazon. He is also a member of the Dramatists Guild and his plays have been performed throughout the USA. His Monologues may be found at and his play, Count Dracula’s Café. may be found at For more information contact the author directly at

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