It Is Time

Edward Mycue

March 10, 2016 at 10:53 am Before the NEXT Ides , let me add: Truck n’ trudge: No matter how canny we are something else annoying’s coming. [Just sayin’ as the current phrasing goes.] As used to be said and still has a good ring to it: keep on truckin’. Doesn’t ‘keep’ seem a funny-looking word. One meaning is maybe a dungeon. Or just a place to keep things, even a secret hiding place, an abditory. Keep on anyway. Keep on TRUCKIN’. Whoops! That’s where my life went. It sure is lucky I was so plucky dumb because here I am out of some gloaming the sun insists the fog will lift and send me the gift of some other day perhaps in some other way. But ‘how’ I can know is the daddy of all fails. It’s late now. Trudge.

Edward MyCue was born in Niagara Falls, New York, raised in Texas. Was a Teaching Fellow at North Texas State; Lowell Fellow at Boston University; WGBH-TV Boston intern; Macdowell Colony Fellow; a Peace Corps teacher in Ghana. Books are: Damage Within the Community, Chronicle Root Route Range, Root Route & Range Song Return, Paper Castle. Recently Nightboats, Mindwalking, I am a Fact Not a FictionSong of San Francisco.

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