Rescuing Beauty

Maureen Brady Johnson

The light was different this morning,
like a sigh of relief between spring storms.
The sunrise, almost bronze against the sky.

There were three of us
witnessing the light...
A woman, whose name I do not know, and her dog.
And me, pushing the garbage cans out for collection

“Good Morning,” I say.
“Good Morning,” she returns.
That's it.

We continue, nameless to each other
nameless to her dog
the three of us
complicit in rescuing the beauty of a morning
studded with birdsong.

We remained silent, our breath taken away by the light.
I wanted to ask her
and her dog
to dance in the dew, catching the light,
on the uncut grass.
But I did not know her name.


Maureen Johnson,

has been writing poetry since she could hold a pencil in second grade. She loves a good metaphor, a figure of speech that finds its way into many of the themes of her plays, essays and poetry and photography. She is a retired teacher, married to a metalsmithing jewelry maker and lives in Oberlin, Ohio. They have four children and four grandchildren, the light of their lives!

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