Majel Haugh

Face lit every night
out my high tower down
neck curved - engrossed
sitting in a big grey recliner
bought online
like everything else
amazon boxes filling every corner

A framed photograph beside
you a smiling high school swimmer
now just floating inside
lines of ones & zeros
communicating only with a core
muscles wasting
a modern day slave
not noticing me
or any others

But in restive dreams (unlike us)
you see the bigger picture
a becoming
(beyond humanity)
a mixing of men & machines
of new gods rising out
into a heavenly cybernetic reality


Majel Haugh is based in the city of Limerick in the Mid-West Region of Ireland. She has a degree in economics from the University of London but changed direction and started writing about five years ago as a creative outlet due to illness. She has been published in the UK and Ireland and is really delighted (being Irish) to be included in the Bloomsday edition of riverbabble.

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