A child in Oporto

Matthew Harrison

"Ai!" The boy sees the tap is on again;
He calls; his friends come running up to play;
They cool themselves, pretend to spurt the spray
Over some nearby gently dozing men.
The game palls; mamãe, babe on hip, appears;
To dodge her he runs up the alleyway,
And onto a high platform, and yet may
Escape; but there an awesome vista rears
Torre dos Clerigos rides the far crest;
Round it a sea of red-tiled roof tops swirls
And rising, breaks against the Se and curls
On down; he gazes, lost at mamãe's breast,
Like a ship's lookout awestruck at the sight
Of wave upon wave to horizon's light.


Matthew Harrison,

lives in Hong Kong, and whether because of that or some other reason entirely his writing has veered from to literary to science fiction and he is currently writing poetry. He has published pieces in all of these genres. Matthew is married with two children but no pets as there is no space for these in Hong Kong.

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