Having a Smoke with Quetzalcoatl
in the Garden

Juan Domingo

†           for Quilticoyotl

In the garden
in the mythical land of hummingbirds
and asters
there walks a sound
side by side
with the wind in silence

Earthy are the vein patterns on leaves
ready to fall
ready and willing to receive
the seasonís message of change

Of death
the bones play softly
music barely audible
to the paint stains on my fingers
where paintings have departed from
barely visible to the door
opening between my eyes

And the golden visage of life
raised to the heights of malachite
the jade heart resting in the shadows
of southern trees dancing
of quartz potency
rising ever higher
drawing light from the motherís
fiery and sudden center

And the shifting of perspective
staccato drum to the shifting nature of age
of wisdom
of loss and grief
for those who came before

And the green coyote playing
his drum womblike
trickster teaching
no resistance to life
nurturing the egg gestation of seed
that is I

I tremble to the ancient drum beats
while sipping from this sound


Juan Domingo,

poet, painter, musician, and ritualist, born in Los Angeles in 1951, was a co-founder of Xochipilli, a Chicano-Latino men's ritual performance group of San Francisco Bay blending poetry, dance, music, and story telling dedicated to connecting with Mexican roots and myth, and to creating new expressions with which to inspire connection between mind, body, spirit, and soul within various communities and events. His death the first week of 2017 after a long struggle with Lyme's Disease deprives us of a unique voice and a bright spirit.

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