Marilyn, alone

Andrew R. Crow

She cries
Weeping creeks
Then streams, rivers
She cries
Cornered, she huddles
Animate dust motes swirl
Sting her red-rimmed eyes
Nearby, the window
A glassine one-note lens
That amplifies the approach
Of a seasonal Mother
Who will clear the cob webs
Of dark, skeletal memory


Andrew R. Crow is a Senior Research Assistant for the Canadian Blood Services in the Transfusion Medicine R&D department and has published over 35 medical research papers, review articles and book chapters dealing with treatments for autoimmune diseases. He was awarded the Ontario Premier's Award for Technology 2006. In his spare time, he writes poetry and fiction which sporadically appear on-line and in print. Andrew's short fiction can be found in the anthology Doorknobs & BodyPaint: Fantastic Flash Fiction. He and his wife Min have two children, Abigail and Alexander, and live in Toronto.

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