a pebble on the riverbed

Wendy Bourke

I had walked, with my son,
along the pier to where we stopped
for it struck me – odd

the ashen gray deck post hacked
with incised slices and slashes
and scratches – woebegone scars:
the names of some of the people
who had paused, to carve 'proof'
that they existed ... once ...
and that they had passed this way

gouged in timber and left: it seemed
so that ragged 'y' and rakish 'c'
would prevail, well after death

not terribly clever,  I thought –
wood rots – as I cast my own wish
and, picking up a pebble from
the pier boards I stood upon ...
I tossed it, as far as I could
out into the river – where –
it plopped down to its new home
on the riverbed

we both smiled, then, as we strolled away
knowing there was something left behind:
because ... I put it there


Wendy Bourke lives in Vancouver, Canada where she writes, goes on long rambling walks gathering photos and inspiration – and hangs out with her family (especially her two young grandsons). After a life loving words and scribbling poetry lines on pizza boxes and used envelopes, Wendy finally got down to writing "in earnest" six years ago. She received first prize in the Ontario Poetry Society’s Sparkle and Shine contest in 2014 and her poems have appeared in dozens of anthologies, journals and chapbooks.

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