Through the Window, Birds

Mikki Aronoff

She totters
to the window,
one bony foot trembling
in front of the other,
parts swags and lace
just enough to glimpse
the patch where last month
she guided the planting
of squash.

From the north, crows
descend in slow whorls,
touch down on a corn-
shucked field. Black waves
assault her field of vision.
Her fingers grasp selvage
to steady and she puzzles
whether she’d seen crows
or expected to see them.

Narrow rib cage
rising, falling,
she exhales doubt,
turns her eyes
towards the ground,
relies on the way
green tendrils
break soil, trusting
their path to the sun.


Mikki Aronoff's poems appear in House of Cards: Ekphrastic Poetry, Rolling Sixes Sestinas: an Anthology of Albuquerque Poets, Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing, Bearing the Mask: Southwestern Persona Poems, The Lake, 3ElementsReview, the Love & Ensuing Madness Collection of Rat’s Ass Review, Silver Birch Press, Legends & Monsters, EastLit, Rise Up Review, Trumped! and Value: Essays, Stories & Poems by Women of a Certain Age. Retired, she finds herself dancing with words and pictures and is also involved in animal advocacy.

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