Carlos Reyes
The great tide today at Fundy
has exiled the East Quoddy Light to an island.

The rusted stairs down from the shore
descend into four fathoms of churning green water.

The submerged pathway leading to the island
can only be imagined.

If you believe in a returning tide
you can walk the short distance,

climb up the matching set of steps
to the rock that holds the light.

Carlos Reyes,

poet and translator, lives in Portland, Oregon. He is a traveler and whether he journeys to Alaska, Ecuador, France, India, Ireland. Panama, or Spain, those travels inform his poetry. In September, 2015 he was a fellow at Camac Centre d’Arte in Marnay, France. Latest publications: Pomegranate, Sister of the Heart (2012), Poemas de amor y locura / Poems of Love and Madness (2013). His first prose book, The Keys to The Cottage; Stories from The West of Ireland, was published in 2015. Forthcoming: Guilt in Our Pockets; Poems from South India.

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