Against the Current

       Maureen Brady Johnson
I stand steady
In the river falling water
swirling the way it sweeps my feet
across the slippery steps of rising rock
energy from white water foaming.

I breathe
steady against the current
lift my head
step and wobble
staring at arms branching ready
to catch me if I fall toward the sky

moving up the whitening lightening watery way

shaken, yet steady
curious, ever courageous
compelled to see the riverís edge.

Maureen Brady Johnson,

is a retired drama and English teacher. She devotes her time now to playwriting and poetry. She is the author of four books that help teachers integrate Drama into their classrooms and has eight plays published, the latest play, Stalking the Beatles, being one of three performed in Liverpool, England in the Ticket to Write festival. She has been writing poetry since she could hold a pencil and admits that her life evolves in metaphor. She lives in Oberlin, Ohio and has been married for forty one years to a visual artist. They have four children and four grandgirls.

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