Surrendering the Leaves

       Bill Gainer
Winter’s visit
the surrendering
of the leaves.

The old men
in their heavy coats
and the old women
in their hats
hold tight
to what was –

the bare branches
of hope, wish
and dream –

to be held
and never said
goodbye to.

Bill Gainer

is a storyteller, humorist, award winning poet and the maker of mysterious things. He earned his BA from St. Mary’s College and his MPA from the University of San Francisco. He is the publisher of the PEN Award winning R. L. Crow Publications and is the ongoing host of Red Alice’s Poetry Emporium (Sacramento, CA). Gainer is internationally published and known across the country for giving legendary fun filled performances. Gainer’s latest book, Lipstick and Bullet Holes, is from Epic Rites Press, Canada (2014). Visit:

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