Floppy Red Hat

       Richard Fein
  Long ago she looked up at me
from under the brim of a floppy red hat.
And she smiled; she smiled at me.
Then came our pairing. Then came our parting.
Then abracadabra she was gone.
But was the hat floppy? Was it red? Was there a hat at all?
Did she really smile at me? Was there really a she?
Floppy red hat, am I imagining or remembering it
either way, here now, I can almost touch her,

Richard Fein ,

was a finalist in The 2004 New York Center for Book Arts Chapbook Competition. A Chapbook of his poems was published by Parallel Press, University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has been published in many web and print journals such as: Reed, Southern Review, Roanoke Review, Skyline Magazine, Birmingham Poetry Review, Mississippi Review, Paris/atlantic, Canadian Dimension and many others.

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