Colin Dardis
I built a box today, six sides
of faith, logic, provision,
doubt, fear and protection.

I used the nails of my convictions
and beat them all in
with an unsteady hammer.

Inside I trapped all my temptations:
worldly Lorelei beating
the lyre of Orpheus on her rock;

the painted jewels of Hell
swinging from Bathsheba's neck,
luring all fools to the grave;

silver and gold shekels pouring out
from the mouth of Babylonia,
blowing the pegs from my desert tent;

every candied apple cradled
in the hands of every modern Eve
that soon rots in your ballooned belly.

I tried to suppress vanity, pride
greed and deception into this hutch
and provided no hinge for them to turn.

I pigeonholed my persuasions
and stripped them of oxygen,
strangling the siren's call.

The box gave a heavy creak
and then, defying geometry,
sin found a way to cheat the structure.

Colin Dardis

is a poet, editor and arts facilitator. He is a recipient of the Arts Council of Northern Irelandís ACES award 2015/16, and founder of Poetry NI.

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