The Vacancy of Hours

       Colin Dardis
  I perhaps have taken on too many words; but within
     this vacancy of days what else do I have at my
             disposal to quell the hunger of time?
               I count the books like pockmarks
                       on the face of the year;
                           freckled chapters,
                              poems hidden
                               in the cluster
                                  of moles,
                              bleeding from
                            neat razor nicks.
                         The television holds
                       an unplugged mockery,
                  tempting me with reprieve from
             the silence; if only silence was a viable
    entity, I could shoot it down to sleep with my pen.

Colin Dardis

is a poet, editor and arts facilitator. He is a recipient of the Arts Council of Northern Irelandís ACES award 2015/16, and founder of Poetry NI.

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