Visiting Gettysburg

       Dennis J. Bernstein
meadows of murder
where men took guns
to each other

lunged, bayonets fixed
at close range

where men drew down
as much blood as possible

for the glory of something—
a set of colors, a way of life?

some opposed slavery,
most were just following orders.

Dennis Bernstein,
is author of 6 books and 3 plays. His most recent book, Special Ed: Voices from a Hidden Classroom, received the 2012 Literary Achievement Award from Artist Embassy International. Bernstein’s poetry has appeared in the New York Quarterly, Chimaera, Bat City Review, The Progressive, Texas Observer, ZYZZYVA, Red River Review, etc. Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Color Purple, writes that Special Ed “…is art turned to us through the eyes of love.” Carol Smaldino says in The Huffington Post that the poems remind us how “…we are all connected to the sorrows as well as to the grandness of being human…”

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