Marvelous Millions' Associate,
     Thug Thousands

       KJ Hannah Greenberg
Marvelous Millions had a million abilities. I had just one thousand. He was featured on social media, television, and Wheaties boxes. My press was limited to radio talk shows, penny papers left at grocery stores, and air freshener wrappers.

In balance, Aggregation Hive hunted him whereas I was pursued merely by Millipede Man and his sidekick, Centipede Boy. Marvelous Millions suffered countless, unhealable lacerations. My computable ones were tended to by thirteen of the Fourscore Nurses.

He suffered for nearly incalculable eons. I married Nurse Martha, who gestated our thousand thousands. His death was lonely anguish. Mine will be quantifiable exhaustion.

KJ Hannah Greenberg

captures the world in words and images. Her latest photography portfolio is 20/20: KJ Hannah Greenberg Eye on Israel. Her most recent poetry collection is A Grand Sociology Lesson (Lit Fest Press, Sept. 2016). Her most recent brief fiction collection is Friends and Rabid Hedgehogs (Bards & Sages Publishing, June 2016).

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