summer 2016                                                                                                issue 29

Old Railroad Bridge, Great Cacapon, West Virginia by Jim Ross

riverbabble 29


Andrew R. Crow:
         The Author Finds a Home

J. C. Elkin:
          Bryce Canyon: Three Views
          In la Cueva del Indio

Rafael Jesús González:
         Augurio / Augury
         Razón para el divorcio / Grounds for Divorce

Dane Hamann:
         This Was Home

d. n. simmers:
          A Dark Red Dream

Pat Phillips West:
          Last Trip to the Island
          Thin Places

Anne Whitehouse:
          On Mackinac Bridge
          Earthly Paradise

Felice Aull:   Mill Town

Lana Bella:   Poetry Skating Through the Keyhole

Dennis Bernstein:   Night Readings

Suzanne Bruce:   Rural Ways

Barbara P. Campbell:   Poem as Anagram

jd daniels:   The Path Taken

Alexander Devon:   Flossing a Crocodile's Mouth

Raluca Ioanid :   Potatoes!

Larry Lefkowitz:   Paris of Memory

Eileen Malone:   The Muralist

Megan Merchant:   Relief

Edward Mycue:   Great Matters That Re-Acc the Bridge Hope and Re-Make the Rainbow

James B. Nicola:   Causeways

Barbara Ruth:   Croudsourced Projections A Stanford Bop

John Swain:   Indian River

Julene Tripp Weaver:   Traveling Together

Mercedes Webb-Pullman:   Ophelia

Paul Wiegel:   Ascend

Gareth Writer-Davies:   The Bridge at Sonning


Anna Bálint:   The Vicar's Visit

Valerie Brundage:   The Tour of Bridges

Sophie Friis:   The Practical Life

Christopher James:   Her Father's Daughter

Larry Lefkowitz:   Sitting the Cat

Robert Masterson:   The Distance Between Here and There

Fernando Meisenhalter:   Gringo Face

Flash Fiction

jd daniels:   Lifting the Lean

R. A. Duffy:   The Grove

KJ Hannah Greenberg:   Knive-Edge

JB Mulligan:   Yaga

Jon Sindell:   Letter to My Screwtop Friends


Jim Ross:   Connecticut Avenue Bridge


Brian Green:   Review: All Visions of Blind Love by Cynthia Benson


Jim Ross:  Old Railroad Bridge, Great Cacapon, West Virginia (cover)


Mr Bloom watched curiously, kindly, the lithe black form. Clean to see: the gloss of her sleek hide, the white button under the butt of her tail, the green flashing eyes. He bent down to her, his hands on his knees.
-- Milk for the pussens, he said.
-- Mrkgnao! the cat cried.
They call them stupid. They understand what we say better than we understand them. She understands all she wants to. Vindictive too. Wonder what I look like to her. Height of a tower? No, she can jump me.

                                                             JAMES JOYCE, Ulysses, Episode 4, Calypso, 2465-2476.

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