d. n. simmers
“ Used as ale cups blended with their blood. “ Poems of the Elder Edda

Working through the coffee shop
places on the street of days.

Today is one
where a book shop lingers

and pages
are words flung into darkened brew.

Short skirts talking
with bubble gum smiles.

Or the limping old white haired hobbler

Car crossed and silenced
by tire’s hisses.

While mist and rain come down.
Mixing the street.

Wet as a rubble dream and
drying up the light of day.

Ships of sky
have clanged
their best bells.

This way lost.
With their souls are

ghosts wandering by.

d.n. simmers is an on line special editor with Fine Lines. He is in current issues of Poetry Salzburg Review and The Common Ground Review. He is in six current anthologies and is on line in the Potomac, Wilderness House Literary Review and is in the current Red Savina Review, Nerve Cowboy. He was in the international anthology Van Gogh's Ear, Paris , France.

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