James B. Nicola
When there was only the separation,
the between, neither knew the other one
was. Then a way was paved, a place today
to meet, a crossing over, a causeway,

where we could linger, listen as we talked,
and hold on fast so as not to be knocked
off by floods at high tides, or windy weather:
we were bolstered in being brought together.

A poem is a causeway like that. Here’s
an archipelago with, it appears,
causeways binding each island like a book,
bridging the distances between us. Look—  

James B. Nicola has had work appear thrice previously in riverbabble, and recently in the Southwest and Atlanta Reviews, Rattle, and Poetry East. His nonfiction book Playing the Audience won a Choice award. His two poetry collections, published by Word Poetry, are Manhattan Plaza (2014) and Stage to Page: Poems from the Theater (2016). A Yale graduate, James has been giving both theater and poetry workshops at libraries, literary festivals, schools, and community centers all over the country. More at

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