Paris of Memory

Larry Lefkowitz
The last time I was in Pari
Was in the 60's of the last century
Paris was grey
The buildings were grey
Before they were sandblasted 
To the colors of the rainbow
I liked the sadness of the grey
Enhanced by standing in the Rue Madeline
In the rain
A wonderful gloom
An autumnal mood
Autumn my favorite season
"Autumn in the soul," as someone
Isaac Babel? described it
Even more autumnal
In memory cherished
When you are 75
Looking back  

Larry Lefkowitz's stories, poetry, and humor have been widely published in journals, anthologies, and online, including previous issues of riverbabble. His literary novel, The Novel, Kunzman, the Novel! is available as an ebook and in print from and other distributors. It is a humorous novel about a literary critic and his assistant, and it deals with literature and writing with ample literary references. Lefkowitz's humorous fantasy and science fiction collection, Laughing into the Fourth Dimension is available from Amazon books.

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