The Path Taken

jd daniels
Queen Anne’s Lace in tall grass
reached up to the cloudless sky
Pale rose and yellow wildflowers
dropped petals onto dried leaves
as towering pines welcomed the mist

When I climbed that mountain beyond
I found a fallen branch
from one of those pines
stripped off the bark
sharpened one end and carved
a laughing     ethereal face in the other

With each step
I set that walking stick
on the sharp-edged, uneven path
gripped the wood
pushed down
and inch by inch
moved upward
                                                  with its help   

jd daniels holds a Doctor of Arts degree from Drake University. She writes poetry and prose and has been published in various journals. Writing the Jessie Murphy Mystery Series set in Florida is one of her latest passions. She also co-edits Prairie Wolf Press Review while teaching writing at the college level. She divides her time between her writing desk, yoga, and walking and laughing with family and friends. Feel free to read her blog and contact her via her Website at

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