Wild calls of abandonment
comes rushing down the mountain
in the guise of mist and rain,
the cover of winter invites adventure,
a test of the elements against
the temperament of man.
Carry yourself across the crags,
the land-crashed hills, earthen downs,
come trail through skyland and cloud
to Heaven’s peak, where God will whisper
the secrets of life to those that brave
the blind summit of today.
Here is your deepest breath,
all affirmation comes,
interwoven with passion and privilege.
The fire of achievement burns away
season’s frost, man, one more step
along his kindling journey.


Colin Dardis

Born at the tail end of the seventies in County Tyrone, Colin Dardis is one of a number of young emerging poets from Northern Ireland. Currently based in Belfast, he is an active member of the live poetry scene in the city. Previously, Colin has been a co-ordinator of Poetic Splendour, a monthly performance poetry night in Belfast, and has worked as a Poet In Motion for the New Belfast Community Arts Initiative. Notable readings include the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Between The Lines and the Castlereagh Verbal Arts Festival. In November 2005, Colin founded ‘Speech Therapy’, an independent journal focusing on poetry from the North of Ireland. Colin’s poem, ‘Perhaps’ won the EditRed.Com 2006 Writer’s Choice Award for Poetry.

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