Title:SUMMER OF '66   Writer:Robert Vaughan


In the summer of ‘66 I dated a guy with hair the color of napkin. We knew how to appreciate the little we had. Slept on a futon that doubled as a day couch. Caught crayfish in Cripple Creek with our hands. Sought truth, but never found it. You had to cut through a mackerel forest of pretense that grew thicker, deeper with each additional day. We were covered in silt by late August. When the trees flamed, I split, like leaves, one limb, then another. My heart was last to go. Some of it remains.


Robert Vaughan’s

plays have been produced in N.Y.C., L.A., S.F., and Milwaukee where he resides. He leads two writing roundtables for Redbird- Redoak Studio. His prose and poetry is published or forthcoming in over 90 literary journals. He was interviewed about Flash Fiction by WUWM’s Lake Effect. His work is included in 6S MIND GAMES anthology. He is a fiction editor at jmww magazine. Flash editor for Thunderclap! Press. His blog: http://rgv7735.wordpress.com.

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