Laura, let us be those roses,
which, rained on, fall as rain from shaken bush,
those soft and pink to tread light through,
our fragrance like dulcet forgiveness’s scent.

Let’s wake or stand near walking-past of fears,
as if they’d be some ancient gauche display.
The fossil tiger lilies have no teeth.
Look you, it’s light despite a flailing

nature’s havoc. We’re each illumined here.
Even in deep, dark Venus traps, some glow--
the lightning bugs, perhaps, that spark their goal,
despite the blasting, or the mouldering,

ingestion, range, or toil. Rest us now in
quaint gardens where gargoyles won’t plague; at last
the rain stops and we’ll sigh with the honest
quiet effort of the sun. We’ll dry, stop

shedding petals, each, listless, agleam
with what wet skins can do. Hey, nothing is so
good or bad except in how decided.
We are sleeping and walking at once, girl,

rained upon and shedding and blooming, too,
pink and soft, lovely and ravished, stronger
than the delicacy of floral looks.
Note the thorns. The stance. Good news in gardens:

We remain feather-light, fragrant, blown, post-
reckoning—newer futures all the time.

Heather Fowler

received her M.A. in English and Creative Writing from Hollins University. She is Poetry Editor at Corium Magazine and has recently published poems at The Nervous Breakdown, The Medulla Review, and others. Her fictive work was among short-listed stories on the 2009 storySouth Million Writers Awards Notable Stories of 2008 list. Among other venues, she has recently published stories at: Up the Staircase (Spring 2010); Portland Review (Winter/Spring 2010); Dark Sky Magazine (Featuring Mel Bosworth reading her micro-fiction, May 2010); Necessary Fiction (April 2010); Back in 5 Minutes ~ an expression of depression (volume 1. Little Episodes, London. February 2010) ; and the stark electric space…an international anthology of indie writers (print, Graffiti Kolkata, India. Winter 2010. Her forthcoming book of magical realism stories entitled Suspended Heart is due out from Aqueous Books in late 2010/early 2011. Please visit her webpage at

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