disco night at Danceteria            full blare blast sound                   under black light
glass globes                         circle endless                         we blink secret codes

captured            in the dance             we play
weave through the crowd            disco grove             our fingers linked

single file            you follow             we dance,             dance,             dance.
spiral upstairs to the balcony              above the bar,             stare at the big picture,

our musical pause                        we lean on the rail,                     pulse in our touch
I fall into you                    a female colorful bird                    who’s picked her mate,

from the crowd,                         you at the end of my snare             chosen
we dance,             dance,                         dance

Donna Summers             our witness            moans our love song
we sing our vows             Love to love you baby                   Love to love you baby

if you leave            stop the dance                        change the rules
I will follow you            we are two            who snared             who

Julene Tripp Weaver: lives in Seattle and works in an AIDS Service Organization; this second career is the basis for her chapbook Case Walking: An AIDS Case Manager Wails Her Blues. Her poems are published in many journals including Main Street Rag, The Healing Muse, Knock, Off the Coast, Pontoon, Arabesques Review, Nerve Cowboy, Arnazella, Crab Creek Review, Pilgrimage, Pirene’s Fountain, and Letters to the World Poems from the Wom-Po LISTSERV.

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