Issue 14 winter 2009

xxxx by Chris Novak

riverbabble 15

Bloomsday Issue

Contributing Writers

Margot Comstock:   Reno Rennaissance

Sara McAulay:    Gift and Giver

Bev Vines-Haines:    Picking Up the Pieces

Patsy Covington:    On the Road with Jonesy

Kyle Hemmings:    Raccoon People

Rick Spuler:    Road Trippin'

Thomas Kearnes:    Across the Skin, Behind the Heart

Andrew M. Lopas:    Economy

Ward Jones:    No Place Like It

Marjorie Carlson Davis:    The Music in Him

Rafael Jesús González:
           Green Tara Moon
           Luna de la Tara verde
           I Received the News Today / Hoy recibí noticia
           No One / Nin Guno

Francine Witte:
           Road Signs

Anthony Pino:    This Old Road

Julene Tripp Weaver:    Airport Security

Charles Clifford Brooks III:    Road to the Coast

Luigi Monteferrante:    On the Road

Jason Price Everett:   Waking Up in Central Gansu Province

Paul Lobo Portugés:   Sea to Shining Sea

J. Bradley:   Check Yes

Prose Poems/Flash Fiction

Doug Mathewson:
           For Phil
           Tupelo Regressions

Christine Swint:  Dusk

Andrew M. LopasBlue


Christopher Novak:   xxx

Are you all in this vibration? I say you are. You once nobble that, congregation, and a buck joyride to heaven becomes a back number. You got me? It's a lifebrightener, sure. The hottest stuff ever was. It's the whole pie with jam in. It's just the cutest snappiest line out. It is immense, supersumptuous. It restores. It vibrates. I know and I am some vibrator.
                                 JAMES JOYCE, Ulysses, p. 414., 15/2199-2204

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