Winter 2018/19 issue 34

Delta Fire, Hornbrook #1, 12/23/18
by Michael Johnson-Chase

riverbabble 34
Winter, Solstice Issue


Dennis J Bernstein:
          Final Slice: Compliments of Paul
         Uncle Norman: The Blizzard of 59

Lucille Lang Day:
         Global Warming in the Galápagos

Rafael Jesús González:
           Cuando muere un poeta / When a Poet Dies
           La luna en humo / Moon in Smoke

Robert Hasselblad:
           January at Ruby Beach
           How Orcas Found Their Way Back to the Sea

Diana Raab:
           New York Euphoria
           Savannah Inn

d. n. simmers:
           Like the Dust of the Dead
           Down in the gathering shadows

Don Thompson:
          Not an Item for a Gossip Column (Hedy Lamarr)
          Keeping Up Morale (Paulette Goddard)

Anne Whitehouse:
           My Grandmother Listens to Paul Robeson
           Recite "Othelio"

           Koko and Robin

Steve Abbott:    Pause

Dee Allen.:    The Eternal Hunt

Felice Aull:    After Seeing the Rauschenberg Exhibit

Virginia Barrett:    Man & Woman

Robert Beveridge:    Grave Wisdom

Patrick Cahill:    Frequentcies

Barbara Campbell:    Polite as Handcuffs

Joe Cottonwood:    The Waiting Room

Judy DeCroce:    Something is Up

Robin Wyatt Dunn:    far above my head is a red door

John Grey:    Gator and Heron

Jan Haag:    Flying Saucer

Majella Haugh:    Hacker

Randel McCraw Helms:    The Last Glacier

Maureen Brady Johnson:    Drawn

Miriam Kotzin:    After a Brief Illness

Joan McNerney:    Winter in New England

JB Mulligan:    hymn without notes or words

edward Mycue:    Most of the Time I Tell Myself

James B. Nicola:    Hotel

Carl "Papa" Palmer:    the suitcase

Anne Paterson:    Sea of beds

Jim Ross:    Sliding Down Together

Gerard Sarnat:    Hiroshima Mon Amour's Second Coming

Janel Spencer:    The False Mirror

John Swain:    On the Roof Terrace

Penelope Thompson:    Ella and Me

Hardarshan Singh Valia:    Scene at the Poetry Recital Venue

Emery Veilleux:    Red River Freezing Over

Phibby Venable:    Moving to the City

Julene Tripp Weaver:    80s Disco Night


Andrena Zawinski:
           Alaskan Haibun (Sailing past Tracy Arm, Juneau)
           Haibun at Dusk at Water's Edge
           San Francisco Haibun in Fire Season


Judy Cabito:    Pumping

William Cass:    Unfinished

Nicole Dyakanoff:    Bail Out

Suzanne Nielsen:    The Reservoir

Eileen O'Reilly:    Destination: Anywhere

Jon Sindell:    The Bitter World of Sweet Compliments

Tom Sheehan:    When Titanic Drowned

Scot Walker:    The Bowstring of Life

Flash Fiction

KJ Hannah Greenberg:
          A View With a Room

Dennis J Bernstein:    A Fourth of July in My Right Eye

Roy Dorman:    Rencontire Fortuite (Chance Encounter)

Charlotte Platt:    Zom-bees

Lenore Weiss :    Janis in Port Arthur, Texas


Jim Ross:    School Interrupted

Hardarshan S. Valia:    A Particle in Perpetual Motion


by Michael Johnson-Chase
Delta Fire, California (photo essay)

A young white heifer. Those mornings in the cattlemarket, the beasts lowing in their pens, branded sheep, flop and fall of dung, the breeders in hobnailed boots trudging through the litter, slapping a palm on a ripemeated hindquarter, there’s a prime one, unpeeled switches in their hands. He held the page aslant patiently, bending his senses and his will, his soft subject gaze at rest. The crooked skirt swinging, whack by whack by whack.

                                 JAMES JOYCE, Ulysses, Calypso, 2615-2621.

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