Ward Jones
Finé, #51, 2008.
As is true for most writers and artists, Ward Jones has always felt the need to purge thoughts, images and stories, periodically cleaning the slate in his head.  As he is able to find or steal time, he writes. He watches the story unfold in his head like a film -- walks into and around in it, sits down in it, tastes it, smells it, feels it and then writes.  For the artist-inspired, visual writer in him, rendering a believable image in the mind of the reader can be as much about writing the shadows as writing the light.  

He enjoys "Interpretive Writing," or writing based solely on, and inspired by, a single image.  At 41, he's a daydreaming, tinkering, storm and lightning loving married father of two, who has been drawing and writing since the age of fifteen.  He enjoys reading, music, movies and collecting and building movie props.
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