Trent M. Walters

Drinking From the Well of God, #7, 1997, Hayward Fault Line Winner
The Door-to-Door Saleswoman, #7, 1997

Waxing Artists, #8, 1997
The End of One Rain, #8, 1997
The Tragedy of Julius Orange, #9, 1998, Flash Fiction Winner
The Generosity of Strangers, #9, 1998
Bye Bye Miss American Pie, #10, 1998
A More Natural Nature, #10, 1998
Other publications include Harpweaver, Laughing Boy Review, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, and an interview with the Smashing Pumpkins. Trent M. Walters has worked on a ship, in a nursing home, a pizza parlor, a potato factory, and as a New Orleans distributor of fermented beverages.
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