Sandy Vrooman

A Piece Of Fairie Tail, #32, 2003.
Here Kitty, Kitty, #40, 2005.
How It All Happened, #50, 2008.
...Do Us Part, #51, 2008.
By the Book, #55, 2009.
Tricksters of the Trade, #59, 2010.
When Wishes Come True, #60, 2010.
All By Himself, #66, 2012.
What We Want the Most, #67, 2012.
Carving, a Rewarding Hobby, #67, 2012.
Googling Down Memory Lane, #80, 2015.
Dream Time Dancing, #82, 2016.


Sandy Vrooman has been writing for a long time. Her first published work was in the National Anthology of High School Poetry. Then she won a hair dryer in the Woman's Day Beautiful Words Contest. After a hiatus including college, marriage(s) and a child, she found her voice again. She has short stories and poems published in Doorknobs and Bodypaint, Riverbabble, Canadian Zen Haiku, Juice, Autumn Leaves, Dances with words, 40 Plus, Poets Against the War, Moonset, World Haiku Review, and Atlas Poetica.
She is currently teaching art to kids through a city funded enrichment program and working on her book (isn't everyone?) She also writes as Kitsune Miko, a heian period Japanese courtesan, and Krystall Knobbs a wanna be Las Vegas show girl.

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