Stephen McKinnon

Big Red Cop, #16, 1999

The pigeons seemed . . ., #17, 2000
Fortunately, Stephen McKinnon is from Clydebank, a fairly wee town outside Glasgow, Scotland (G81 is the postcode for Clydebank). He is 24 years old and will soon move in to Glasgow with his favourite girl Mirja. Stephens loves are: Writing (obviously), Drinking (goes with the territory!), Mirja, Sweden (because she's Swedish), his fat, stripy cat McCartney and Glasgow which he knows to be the coolest city in the universe. His favourite Glaswegian drinking den can be seen in the classic Scottish film 'Trainspotting' and is only a short walk away from his home. Stephen believes all people should visit Glasgow at least once in their lives.
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