Stephanie Amedeo Marquez

Boy, #3, 1995
The Quiet Fog, #3, 1995
Tomboy, #3, 1995
Only Girls, #7, 1997
Stephanie Amedeo Marquez was born on a hot summer's day in a New Mexico town nine miles from the texas border, in the same railroad hospital her mother had been born in 24 years before, about 50 miles from the family homestead held by Irish/Cherokee great-grandparents;her father was italian-brazilian, her land beautiful and sacred, her heritage Hispanic New Mexican, her refuge the library: She lives simultaneously in the landscape of the llano, the pueblo heart of the world, has traveled extensively in Oz and Barsoom, visits Narnia and Middle Earth, and hopes to share the lure of legend, the blarney of Camelrock, the lore of the cantina under the inescapable sky with others who know and love the New Mexico badlands.
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