Rich Pearl

When Dreams Become Reality, #27, 2002
The Cat Never Came Back, #27, 2002
Of Fame Or Fortune #28, 2002, Flash Fiction Winner
James I #29, 2003
The Undead #29, 2003
That First Game #30, 2003
The Fan #36, 2004
The Ultimate Fan #38, 2004
Explorer's Letter #48, 2007
The Wrong Way Run #52, 2008
Rich Pearl's first stab at writing was an attempt to produce the Great American paragraph. As soon as he started to put words to paper, he knew he was on the right path. His fingers were imbued with a mind of their own. Working for nine months, he was almost finished when a sudden expulsion from that apartment sent him off on a surrealistic journey that has not yet ended. Along the way he has tried to recapture the magic which first drew him out, putting letters into form and producing a body of work that is uniquely his. Yet to be placed among that collection is the Great American paragraph. It is the alpha-omega of Rich Pearl's life.
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