Richard Meyers

Submissions, #27, 2002
Richard Meyers was active in the Berkeley, California, Civil Rights and the free speech movement of the early sixties. He went to India to serve in the Peace Corps for two years after which he continued in India, Central and South East Asia for another four years working as a teacher of English. Later in Europe and the United States he helped develop Alternative and Co-Operative communities. Participating in many aspects of spiritual community organizing, he contributed to a number of works in Journalism, Film and Fiction Publications. His short stories have been published in Moondance: Song and Story, Kenagain, Web del Sol, InPosse Review, Spinnings and SFSalvo. He has published two volumes of his collected poetry, The Journey's Loom and Striptease of the Soul through Gondarva Press. His poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. His other works include the novels The Journey That Never Was Made, Alms For Oblivion, Under Indian Skies and A Maze for Infidels. Prolific in all genres, his short stories, essays and plays include Rivers of Babylon, Dark Rituals and Last Train to Simla. Currently he teaches English at City College of San Francisco.
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