Oonah V. Joslin

If I, #51, 2008
Suspicion, #52, 2008
The Canary Murder Case, #52, 2008
The Sweet Smell of, #53, 2009.
No Serenade, #53, 2009.
All On the One Telly, #54, 2009.
Big Bad John, #55, 2009.
First Contact, #57, 2010.
The Midwife, #58, 2010.
Esaping Heat, #59, 2010.
A Restrained Kind of Love, #61, 2011.
Ritual, #64, 2011.


Oonah was born in Northern Ireland and now lives in the North East of England. Oonah won a Micro Horror Trophy in 2007 for her Drabble, Autumn Fruits. She was most read author of Every Day Fictionin January 2008 and a judge in The Shine Journal's first poetry competition. She has had works chosen for three consecutive Quarterly Reviews at Bewildering Stories and a 50 word definition of flash, placed in The Smokelong Quarterly. Her flash 'Trap' is to appear in Short Humour's anthology, 'A Man of a Few More Words'. Oonah is also on the editorial staff of the fledgling Every Day Poets. Links to Oonah's work can be found at www.writewords.org.uk/oonah/ and at www.oonahs.blogsite.com - oonahverse.

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